Thursday, February 28, 2019

6 best new Android apps from Feburary 2019!

Hey guys aj ki is post mai mai apko Feburary ki top 10 Application k bare mai bataunga jo apko apni mobile mai download ker na hi chaiye.

tho chaliye suru kerte hai aj ki post. niche diye gaya sabhi application playstore mai available hai tho ap woha se download ker sajte hai.

1. Apex Weather :

Apex Weather is a new weather app from the developers of Apex Launcher, one of the best Android launchers. This weather app is above average. You get your basic stuff like the current, daily, and hourly forecasts. It also includes a weather map, severe weather alerts, and some of the better clock and weather widgets we've seen in a while. It even shows less common stuff like sunrise and sunset times, air pressure, UV index, and more. You can get weather forecasts in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia along with a rather bland news blog if you want one. The ads can be a tad annoying, but otherwise this weather app checks all of the boxes. You can also remove the ads with a single $5.99 payment.

2. Language Navi :

Language Navi is an interesting, niche app. It lets users translate foreign languages inside of the app without any additional help. It uses OCR technology to recognize such languages and then translates them for you. It works in most types of apps, including messaging apps, social media, and others. Most apps with translation (Facebook, Twitter, Google Translate) work quite well, but they don't work everywhere. This app is still very much in development and it doesn't work in all instances. For instance, computer generated subtitles in YouTube videos don't work in Language Navi. Still, it's an interesting idea with a lot of promise, especially for people who speak multiple languages. 
3. Memoria Photo Gallery :
Memoria Photo Gallery is a rare new photo gallery without a ton of unnecessary extras. The app features quick loading, smooth animations, and an above average Material Design UI. You can easily browse your various galleries, zoom into photos, customize your experience with stuff like themes, and more. It also comes with an encrypted vault for private photos or you can hide whole albums if you want to. This is one of the cleanest gallery apps we've ever seen with a gallery vault so that's a real good thing. The app is free with ads. You can buy the premium version as a separate app that adds a couple of features and removes the ads.
4. Mint Browser :
Mint Browser is a new light browser from Xiaomi. The app boasts quick animations, fast load times, and a lighter experience with less bloat. Its features include a smaller APK size for those with lower end devices, a voice search function, and your usual browser functions like incognito mode, a reading mode, and a mobile data saver option. It won't replace Chrome or Firefox for folks fully ingrained in those browsers. However, those looking for something light and quick may like this one. It's completely free with no in-app purchases or ads. It does have the occasional bug, but it is new so we kind of expect that.
5. Mixplorer Silvery :
MiXplorer Silver is a rare new file manager actually worth talking about. It's a bundle of MiXplorer file manager along with Archiver, SMB2, and Tagger (all by the same developer). It's a highly functional file browser that lets you do all of the usual stuff. That includes an HTML viewer, the ability to unpack almost any type of archive file, cloud storage support, basic stuff like copy and move, root access, and more. You can even use as an EPub reader and a PDF reader if you really want to. It's an excellent all-in-one solution. There's a single price tag with no additional subscriptions, in-app purchases, or ads. 
6. RedPapers :

RedPapers is a niche customization app that we actually kind of liked. It automatically sets wallpapers at regular intervals from the subreddit of your choice. The developer recommends a few, including r/wallpapers, r/earthporn, r/skyporn, r/space, r/art, and r/mostbeautiful. The app service scans that subreddit and puts one of the images on your screen automatically. It's a nice way to go if you like consistently revolving wallpapers and you want a service that does it automatically. The UI won't win any awards and the settings may take a second to get used to, but those are our only real complaints.

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