Monday, January 28, 2019

Manoj Dey Biography, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend,Family Background. Youtuber Manoj dey

Hey guys in this post i will share biography of Manoj dey who is a popular tech youtuber with over 300k+ subscribers.

Manoj was born on July 12, 1997 in Dhanbad of Jharkhand. His full name is "Manoj kumar dey".
He studied in a government school from 1 to 12th standard. He has also done graduation and ITI.

His father works as a bicycle repairing. Due to poor family status, he  started teaching tuition to their neighbors and helping their families.

Slowly he started to learn about youtube. Then he created his own YouTube channel. In which he used to put music. For some reason channel could not run. There were 80k subscribers in that channel.
After that he created a new channel named "Manoj Dey". Which is in front of everyone today. There are a total of 300k + subscribers in it.

So guys that's was the biography of Monoj dey

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