Monday, January 21, 2019

6 Ways to Get a Free Domain Name in Less Than a Minute.

Domain name is the name of the web address. The domain name is divided into 3 part I.e website name, dot & a extension like com, in, org, info etc.
So every web site has its domain extensions. So how to get a free domain name for our web site??

There are several websites which offer free domain name. Without any cost. You can simply register into the website and your domain name.
Basically you won't get a high level domain like  Com, in, info, xyz but you can get domain like  Tk, ml, vl etc...

So the name of the website which provide free domain are as follows -

1. Weebly - its provide you free sub domain.

2. Freenom - its provide free domain like tk, ml

3. - you can get here free domain

4. Go daddy - you can purchase domain here at very reasonable rates.

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