Sunday, November 4, 2018

How Can We Make a Website with WordPress ??? Full Explained.

Hi guys in today post I will show you how you can make a Professional website with WordPress. So let start the tutorial .

First thing if you are starting a website or any blog then you should maintain a consistency . Your content should be uploaded in a regular basis . Not that working for only 5-6 days and doing other thing. You should maintain consistency.  

So now let start with the following Steps-

 Select A Platform -
If you want to build a pro website then you have to select a platform from where you can make and design your website . like WordPress.  

Most popular site to build a website-
1.WordPress =  55%

2.Joomla  =  20%

3.Drupal  = 11%

4. Typo3 = 4%

5. Other = 10%

Why to Select word press ???

As i have told you above that In wordPress you don't need to much of coding only a basic of coding is required in Word Press Like Java, PHP ,CSS .

But In word  also you  need some basis coding without coding you cannot make a website to build a website in any platform you need to know a basic of coding.

so i havpe you have like this post so share it with your friends and love ones so that they can also get some knowledge about wordpress.

Thank you
-Team T4Trending

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