Monday, November 5, 2018

Book tatkal tickets in 30 Second 2018 tricks?...

Hey guys in this post i will share a trick  to book a tatkal ticket in 30 Second. As you know that it is very difficult to book tatkal tickets in India. So here I bring a very simple and easy process to book tatkal ticket using a Google extension.

So follow the following steps-

1. First of all you need to Add a extension to your browser. The name of the extension is "Tatkal for Sure".

2. After adding extensions to your browser you need to fill up all the details regarding your trip I.e your name, your age, train name, date of journy,Class, mode of payment and your username & Password of IRCTC.

3. After filling up all the data you need to click on "book now"  2-3 min before the tatkal time start. 10 am is for AC and 11 am is for sleeper.

So after following this steps I hope you can get a tatkal tickets for sure. 

Thank you
-Team T4Trending 

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