Friday, October 26, 2018

Very important tips for Adsense approval for your blog.

Hi guys in this post i will share some of important tips which should try once to approve your blog. So let starts.

1. Use Top level domain -

In order to monitize your blog you should use a top level domain i.e .com,.in,.xyz etc you can't get approved with a free domain like tk, ml etc which will be  a wastage of time for you because you won't get approved by that domains.

2. Bring Organic Traffic -

If you are bringing traffic to your site by promoting it some where else your adsense won't get approved in this situation. You should try to bring organic traffic in your site by using Google Ads words. Adsense won't approve your site if your traffic is fake so do not try to bring a fake traffic to your site.

3. Do not copy content from other site -

If you are copying content from other site and pasting it in your site then forget about approval you are not going to get it approved. Your content should be original one and a unique content. So don't try to copy content and paste it in your site.

4. Create a page like About, Contact, Privacy Policy -

In order to get adsense approved you should create a minimum of 5 pages that are About us, contact us, Privacy policy, Terms and conditions and Disclaimer. Create this all pages in your site.

5. Design your site -

Design your site in such a unique way by which you can get easily approved. Your design and layout should be maintained correctly otherwise google won't approve your account.

So this all where some of the tips to get approve your blog. Follow it and comment down if you get approval.
Thank you 

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