Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Who is the best, Amit Bhadana or BB Ki Vines? Will Amit Bhadana overtake BB in the future?

Amit Bhadana is an exaggerated youtube which is more than 14-15 years and more than 5-6 years in each of his videos (this is his honest review) and especially the movement of hands and most of his audience. Only 5 or 6% of your audience

While Bhuvan Balam Bhai makes a video of adult content which is liked by youth.

Now the real point, Amit Bhadana uploads 2-3 videos per month, while Bhuvan Balm makes a video in 1-2 months. If Bhuvan Balam used to upload videos regularly (2-3 videos per month), he would easily cross 10m customers for approximately 3-4 months

If you believe in it or not, then your attitude is but this is a real fact.

Amit Bhadana is the only top user who has received nearly one lakh subscribers in a day. This statement is enough to say about the quality of the content and comedy that it presents to its audience. One thing I like most about my video is that it laughs with every video without using a derogatory term, unlike other YouTube users like BB Wine and Carrie Minati.

He is promoting his comedy skills as we can see in every new upcoming video. He is already giving tough competition to India's Top Youtube users in terms of ideas and followers.

These are the latest collections that have been posted by them at the end of 2018 and 2017. He is pushing his comedy skills, as we can see in every new upcoming video.

Everyone has their own opinions.

Why Amit is more motivated because style and language Everyone has JI nowadays, and most people live in villages. Village people join Amit due to their country style and description. There is a different style of BB which is more popular in young cities. When it comes to talent as singer, guitarist, poetry, Bibi moves forward and she has so much experience of live events.

Since I'm a rural living in a metro city, when I go to the village, everyone knows how to make amit, how many people love their videos, their dialects (brother did Jim Shuru), they make a copy of Bibi Do not know about When I come into the crowd of the city, then people are very awful like Bibi. Amit script based on the actual daily life of ordinary youth (especially in the villages), while the Bibi script is completely imagined.

You can also see the view count Amit is very much ahead of each video scene> 10 million, while most of VB's video vies are <10 million.

Then many villagers do not even want to subscribe: P.

So in the end, Amit will certainly pass it, because most people are holes from the villages, and they are connected with it. And people living in the villages are more than cities

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