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Mobile Legends Tips and Tricks

Mobile Legends Tips and Tricks

1. Things to do in the game

There are many things to do in the game and I will advise you to complete daily tasks and events for more prizes. You will be able to get experience, skin pieces, hero pieces, magic dust, war point, different types of symbols, test cards, tickets, and some heroes for free.

These awards are used for various purposes. The most common people have to lay down your symbol, buy heroes, buy hero skins etc.

Daily work

When you log in to the game, you will need to complete the "Reward" tab for the first time.

Medal chests - Medals won in matches give you a medal score. Earn 10 points to unlock Medal Chest once a day.

Free chest - Free chest every 4 hours available, up to 2 times stable. Which means that you can collect one chest free for every 4 hours, and when you are sleeping do not worry about remembering one, because after waking you can collect two chests at a time.

By completing a certain amount of daily work, you will be able to claim extra war point and weekly activity chest (which includes various awards as mentioned above). Here's a list of suggested tasks to maximize your daily activity points. To core your 130 daily activity points, complete the main tasks and either option one or two options.

MLBB Daily Award

main work

Hello MLBB - Log in to the game.

Hot - Complete 1 game.

Never relax - complete 3 games.

Dispute - Complete 1 game in dispute mode.

Strike and Win - Win 1 games

Victory Rush - Win 2 Game

The art of combat - get 25 murders or help.

Winner - Destroy the 4 enemy turrets.

Monster Hunter - Hit God / Turtle 3 times (can be completed with the killing of the team).

Sharer - share the game 1 time.

Option one - If you have to play with friends, then complete them:

Team Up - 2 Full Games With Friends

Win 1 game together with friends in the classic or ranking game together for the win.

Option two - If you do not have friends to play, then complete them instead:

Unstable - Win 3 games in rank mode.

Be prepared - set symbolic set 1 time (save cheap one for this job)

These are the best free ways to complete your daily routine for additional 230 war points. It may seem like a lot of work, but it really is only able to do in 2 to 3 games.

MLBB Weekend Revelry

Special Events

Most incidents last for a few weeks up to a week. Check out the "Events" section to know the latest events.

Daily login - lasts for 7 days and gives you a gift every day, which you login. It is available every week.

Task - Resets it every 3 days with random tasks. For example, use tank hero to complete 3 games; Destroy 4 turrets; Deal 300k loss, etc. Once complete, complete each to get a small gift and a bigger one.

Special Events - This is also random. You may need to do some tasks once or several times (daily) during the event period. The rewards will be shown on the same page. I was able to get an independent hero by doing daily tasks during the event period.

Ben's Treasure - This is a new expansion program and it takes 2 weeks. By completing all the quests on each island, you will be able to get some wonderful awards like new bayon heroes and his skin.

MLBB Lucky Spin Extra Material

To claim the award from MLBB, check your mail from time to time. These include 500 war issues from "Good Credit Reward", a small gift from "Share Reward" and some random awards which MLBB can surprise you at any time.

During the fight

Keep an eye on the mini map, learn when to support and retreat.

If you are not seeing enemy heroes on the mini map, always assume they are coming for you or your colleagues. Now it's time to go back to a safe place (your turret / base) and warn others.

Do not risk killing one knowing that you can be killed.

Stay away from the bushes.

If you want to sing, hide in the bushes.

If possible, help to avoid or kill your teammate (if it is going to kill yourself, do not give it a risk).

Do not waste time waste thing.

Learn your hero from inside and use it for your benefit. For example, do not make a turret against heroes like Maria or Lela, use Leslie to hit and run.

Your main objective is to destroy the turrets and eliminate the base.

One of the most important tips - do not die and do not feed.

Do not farm the forest, you are not peace loving the forest. Your teammates should have you

3. When you are on the losing side

Never give up. I like

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