Thursday, September 13, 2018

Is it possible to get a free domain name?

Before buying a domain name, understand the concept of the domain name. The domain name is just a name for the website like us. But, the domain name is a unique address of any website on the web. Technically, the domain name is known as the URL, which means the Uniform Resource Locator. The domain name can be a business name or brand name, users who know your brand or domain name can simply type in their browser and take their site.

So, let's select a domain name. For example, choosing a domain or domain name, choosing a domain name is an important part of the website. Because, in the future, your identity in the domain name will identify you on the web or the market. But before buying a domain name some parameters need to be considered, such as:

Make the domain name unique, adding some prefix and suffix, do not reference any other domain name. Try to use a name related to your business such as if you are running a business grocery then add words like daily needs.

Domain names should be easy to type or remember, do not use inhuman terms If you do this, then you may have lost a good share of your branding or marketing value on the web.

Try to make it small and simple, because the small names are easily remembered that I have already told you. Never select plural or misspelled domains.

When someone first sees or listens to your domain name, they should be guessed immediately what kind of information can be found on that website. Like MilesWeb, it shows the web hosting niche.

Many domain extensions are available such as .com, [.] Net [.] Co, [.] Co [.]. But my personal suggestion is that if you are targeting a local area such that your products are sold only in India or other specific countries. Then at that time you need to consider domain based domain extensions for India, you can choose in [.] Or [.] Co [.]

After this, find the best domain name provider. If you are buying a hosting plan from them, many hosting providers in the market offer free domain names. Millsweb is the best and top hosting in India as well as the domain name provider. They provide free domain names with SSL certificates, as well as provide spammy protection for your spam email.

If you are planning to make your content live on the internet and there are some budget problems, then you can also view free websites. Websites like Create a free website or blog: Create a free website or blog and - create a unique and beautiful blog. It's easy and free. Which allows you to create subdomains and stay your website in a few minutes