Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Assam Zoo Celebrates Birth of Two Black Panther Cubs

On Saturday, the Assam Zoo celebrated Meena and Mohan with the birth of two black panthers.

Five years ago, after the rescue of Dumka in Tinsukia district, the male black Panther Mohan was raised in the zoo. He was about two and a half months old and was raised by the zoo staff.

Meena was rescued by the State Forest Department in Khwang range of Dibrugarh in May 2017 and brought to the zoo. The big cat had wandered in the villages and when people surrounded him and attacked him, he was seriously injured. Assam Zoo is now the only zoo in the country that has four Black Panthers family, and there are six black panthers in captivity in the cubs.

"Meena and Mohan were added in April this year, they share a great bondage together and now the parents are two beautiful cubs." The Zoo community fraternity is very happy and tomorrow's one There was a small festival. The mother and her cubs are doing well, and will be separated from the public scene.

Mother and her cubs Occasionally, the man can be wild and kill the cubs. Mother and cubs are good and healthy. Mina is doing good care of baby cubs. A mob brought him in a serious situation after being badly injured. It is a great success to save her and to be able to give her new life now. We are very happy. I am very happy with the efforts made by doctors and animal carers. "

A Black Panther is the melanistic color version of any large cat species. In Asia and Africa, leopard is one of the five subspecies of leopard. Although in Assam, leopard remains a poor presence species.

"There is a large leopard population especially in tea plantation areas in upper Assam. But there is no proper census data for leopard population in Assam, even if the forest department initiates the counting of leopards Also, P Sivakumar, chief conservator of forests in the North Assam circle, said, "The people who know about their presence will be pressurized to catch big cats."

  • Earlier, four leopards were killed in the state. Last month, after the villagers wandered in the human area in Nazira of Charadaw district of Assam, a leopard was brutally killed.

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