Saturday, September 15, 2018

‘2.0’ Teaser Review.

With an estimated budget of Rs 543 crore, three years of production time and a team of more than 3,000 technicians around the world, Rajnikanth, director Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson, starring director Shankar 2.0, is by far the biggest Indian film.

Expectancy grew on YouTube on September 13, the Teaser release on YouTube.

Teaser has seen the clock of about 10 million views (Telugu, Tamil and Hindi joint) in less than five hours.

2.0 is the villain's other worldly (foreign?) Power capable of dynamically controlling metal, especially mobile phones, and thousands of them have been molded in any shape. This support is inconveniently similar to Disney's Big Hero 6, where the villain controls and shapes thousands of small nanobots.

The mobile phone is almost the exact copy of the sequences played in the sky and around the people, and especially the formation of Rajinikanth's character, around the formation of the film, The Day the Earth Stud Still (2008) Kenu Reeves.

Shankar's first full science fiction movie, Robot, went on for a chit, the film became really interesting. Rajinikanth played a scientist, devoid of normal style and attitude fans collaborated with him on the screen. But the villain was a reputed villain who was infected with the villain's programming, which allowed Rajinikanth to dismiss his personality from the latter part of the '70s, where he usually played villain, and enjoyed doing so.

At the intervals of the teaser, there is a panic, which shows its orange eyes, and laughs like an astonished madman. Now it has something to look for.

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